Second Annual UAM Symposium

On July 29, Fabrisonic hosted the 2nd Annual UAM Symposium to bring together researchers using our technology.  Almost 30 participants from five countries attended the event, including one researcher who joined us via Skype from the UK.  It was exciting to hear all of the passion for the technology and many of the new research developments including:

– New developments in embedded sensors

– Truly 3D printed electronic circuits in solid metal

– In process monitoring and control strategies

– Designs and applications for micro channel heat exchangers

– Advanced materials developed using UAM

– Applications for 3D printed chemical reaction systems

Thanks to all of the researchers who presented!  The last year has seen some great strides in advancing the UAM technology and expanding the application space.

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Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 23, 2015 – Fabrisonic LLC, a manufacturer of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing machines and 3D metal printing announced that it has received a Boeing 2014 Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the annual awards to suppliers who have achieved superior performance and provided outstanding service. Fabrisonic maintained a “Silver Composite Performance Rating” for each month of the 12-month achievement period, from October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014. This is Fabrisonic’s second award, having received a Boeing Performance Excellence Award in 2013.

This year, Boeing recognized 548 suppliers who achieved either a Gold or Silver level Boeing Performance Excellence Award. Fabrisonic is one of only 429 suppliers to receive the Silver level of recognition. “Fabrisonic, now in its 4th year, continues to grow with a keen focus on innovation in 3D metal printing,” comments Mark Norfolk, president of Fabrisonic. “Our technology continues to be recognized throughout the world and this award is a testament to our dedication and hard work.”

Fabrisonic Boeing Award


3D Printing Radiation Shielding

Fabrisonic has had several inquiries lately about the use of tantalum in 3D Printing.  Fabrisonic has used tantalum in the past for cladding.  Tantalum has a very high resistance to corrosion and thus can be used to coat components that will operate in a corrosive environment.  It turns out that tantalum has many other exciting properties.  Several customers have asked if we can incorporate tantalum into aluminum aerospace structures for radiation shielding.  Tantalum is a good absorber of neutrons and a thin layer of tantalum can protect sensitive electronics.  This has many space applications, but we have also found several terrestrial applications for neutron shielding.

Below you can find a feasibility plate where Fabrisonic 3D printed layers of 6061 aluminum and also printed a .008″ thick foil of tantalum.  This proves that tantalum can easily be integrated into 3D printed aluminum structures for applications like satellites.