Fabrisonic Staff and the Unusual Paths They Took to Get Here

Technology is constantly changing the skill sets needed in the workforce. Fabrisonic strives to stay cutting edge in the ever changing modern workplace by bringing together employees with diverse educational degrees and subjects of expertise.  For instance, Fabrisonic has an engineer with a psychology degree.  Another employee, Hilary Johnson, was highlighted this weekend in a Columbus Dispatch article. Hilary started her career in marketing with an MBA and then several years ago restarted her career by adding an engineering technology degree to her belt. Hilary’s engineering degree is what brought her into the Fabrisonic fold.  Since Fabrisonic is a small business, it is incredibly helpful to have employees who can wear many hats.  Hilary is able to transition from engineer, to sales, and to marketing throughout the day because of her unique background.


With new technology, such as our metal 3D printing process, companies are often in need of flexible employees with a diverse background.  Fabrisonic is fortunate to have a great group of employees that all have multi-facted approaches to serving our customers.