Helping Boy Scouts Earn Badges

On Saturday, March 5th, Fabrisonic was involved in helping Boy Scouts earn their Welding Merit Badge. The daylong event hosted 22 scouts and showed them various aspects of welding.  Mark Norfolk, president of Fabrisonic, was present to demonstrate and explain our unique process and some of the science behind it. Other demonstrations included thermal cutting, non-arc welding processes, first aid and accident prevention, mechanical testing and careers in welding.

Being a small, technology start-up company, we like to support local clubs and encourage the youth to think outside the box.

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New paper: Breakthroughs in Multi-Metal 3D Printing—Producing Multifunction Parts

For many designs, reducing the number of parts is critical to saving manufacturing time and reducing costs. For certain applications, it can also free up valuable space and weight—a game-changing factor for many industries.

Our new whitepaper, Breakthroughs in Multi-Metal 3D Printing—Producing Multifunction Parts, takes a look at how manufacturers are able to create multifunctional structures and parts with ultrasonic additive manufacturing technology. Using miniature satellites called CubeSats as an example, the paper explores four features that are made possible through the application of our one-of-a-kind technology.
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Fabrisonic Upgrades the SonicLayer 7200

Fabrisonic uses our own SonicLayer 7200 to make parts for many of our customers.  This month, we invested in new capability for our in-house 7200 by adding a rotary axis.  The rotary will allow us to expand from orthogonal printing to axial printing.

This additional rotary axis is designed to position a cylindrical part under the welding system and enables the 3D printing of metal features on the outer diameter of a shaft, cylinder or pipe. It can be used for applications such as cladding expensive metals onto inexpensive substrates, adding intermittent stiffeners to pressure vessels and adding 3D features to standard barstock.

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Fabrisonic Recognized Locally

The word is getting out about Fabrisonic and our unique 3D printing process.  TechOhio just wrote an article about Fabrisonic and interviewed our president, Mark Norfolk.  With Fabrisonic being a small business, we appreciate being supported by the community and the State.  In fact, Fabrisonic is a direct result of the State’s investment in small business.  Our UAM technology was brought to market through a grant from the State’s Third Frontier Program.

To check out the article by TechOhio, click HERE to read the full article.