Adding UAM to the Text Books

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has grown drastically in the last ten years in both plastics and metals.  ASTM F42 has defined several categories of AM processes.  Fabrisonic’s sheet lamination process, also known as Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) and 3D metal printing, is the only metal example under ASTM’s “sheet lamination” category .   However, sheet lamination has also been used in plastics and even paper.  To better educate the engineering community, Fabrisonic recently wrote a section in Design for Advanced Manufacturing: Technologies and Processes by LaRoux K. Gillespie to highlight metal sheet lamination.

The president of Fabrisonic, Mr. Norfolk, authored a section on “Manufacturing with Additive Processes”.  It touches on a variety of topics such as: dissimilar metals, embedding electronics, complicated geometry, economics, UAM design recommendations and more.

To purchase the book, you can visit WEBSITES such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Target and many other online sites.

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