Fabrisonic 3D Metal Printing Design Challenge

Fabrisonic presents a 3D metal printing challenge that leverages the unique capabilities of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM).  We want to see your creative engineering solutions made possible through UAM.  The winner will receive a metal part printed via UAM and recognition through our social media channels. Unique designs will be judged by a UAM expert taking in to consideration design originality, incorporation of the UAM attributes and feasibility of design.

Remember, UAM removes traditional manufacturing barriers.  Because we are not melting metal, this 3D printing technology can:

  • Combine dissimilar metals in one part.   In fact the metal being printed can be changed layer by layer to build custom 3D materials
  • Embed sensors and electronics in a solid block of metal without damage
  • They hybrid nature of UAM (both additive and subtractive) allow us to have complex internal and external geometry.

To register for the CHALLENGE, click the link.  Once you accept terms, submit your design to info@fabrisonic.com.  We look forward to all the awesome and creative ideas!!!