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3D printing is used for a multitude of purposes including creating car parts, smartphone cases, fashion accessories, medical equipment, artificial organs and everything in between. The latest trend in 3D printing this holiday season is 3D printed ornaments. Recently, I read an article on 3Dprint.com which showcased unique 3D printed ornament designs.  I was inspired by the unique holiday ornaments showcased and it got me thinking outside of the box about how Fabrisonic’s unique 3D metal printing process can be utilized to create ornaments.


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While the majority of 3D printed designs you will find scouring the internet are created with plastics, our unique 3D metal printing process can create complex structures unable to be created with any other 3D printing process. Our patented 3D printing process, known as Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM), is a low-temperature process which harness sound waves to merge layers of metal foil in a process that requires no melting.

Fabrisonic’s 3D metal printing process creates complex components that have unique features and attributes impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques. Our process enables us to print dissimilar metal laminates in one part without changing the metal properties/cladding, printing custom designed metal matrix composites, embedding electronics and sensors in 100% dense metal structures, and creating complex internal structures. An example of a 3D printed ornament created with our process could be a snowflake where the voids are copper, and the rest of the aluminum is copper.  The possibilities from an artistic point of view are endless.

Currently, we are holding a 3D Printing Design Challenge, encouraging participants to get creative and develop a unique 3D printing design featuring multiple metals in one part, embedded temperature sensitive materials or electronics, and complex internal features or passageways. Participants will be judged based on design originality, incorporation of UAM attributes and feasibility of the design.

The winner of our challenge will see their 3D printed design come to reality and receive a FREE 3D printed part! Have an idea for a 3D printed part or a unique 3D printed ornaments? Enter our 3D printing design contest below!

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