We’re very excited to share that Fabrisonic LLC, achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognized quality standard. In deciding to pursue this standard, Fabrisonic aims to have a quality management system which is focused on the customer, continuous improvement, and risk-based thinking so that quality problems can be prevented. Fabrisonic is commercializing ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM), a 3D metal printing process which joins thin metal foils to produce a three-dimensional product.

The scope of the registration for ISO 9001 covers UAM products, equipment, and R & D service.  The journey towards ISO certification has allowed Fabrisonic to further hone existing continuous improvement efforts. One unique aspect of Fabrisonic’s ISO scope is the system did not just address production. Unlike many companies, Fabrisonic chose to incorporate its research and development efforts in its scope.

In 2020, Fabrisonic experienced strong growth and won Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Small Business of the Year award. Our quality system, bolstered by the addition the recent ISO 9001 certification, will further enhance our ability to serve our customers, continue to improve and impact future growth.

ISO 9001:2015

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