A significant percentage of Fabrisonic’s work involves high strength aluminum.  As part of this work in aluminum, Fabrisonic was invited to talk about our solid state 3D metal printing technology today at a Canadian trade group meeting in Quebec City.  The Seminaire sur le soudage de l’aluminium du cmq takes place on Oct 22 and 23rd at the Delta hotel in Quebec.  Fabrisonic President, Mark Norfolk, will be giving the keynote speech on Oct 22 entitled “Welding with Sound.”

One of the sponsors of the event, Québec Metallurgy Centre, is a leader in research and development of aluminum alloys.  As part of their research, they have a SonicLayer 4000 machine that was delivered earlier this year.  They are focusing their research on dissimilar metal welding to solve industry problems.

ProgrammeSéminaireSoudage-1 (2)

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