Recently, Fabrisonic has spent a lot of time developing metal matrix composites (MMC) using our ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) process.  The printed MMC has tensile strengths in excess of 100 KSI at the same weight as aluminum.  This is of obvious interest to the aerospace community.

While Fabrisonic has made great strides in printing complex MMC parts, the next step is to figure out how to inspect those parts.  EWI, Fabrisonic’s parent company, is focused on developing leading-edge capabilities in additive manufacturing (AM) as well as nondestructive evaluation.  Late last year, they acquired cutting-edge computed tomography (CT) equipment. Using the CT scanner, EWI was able to analyze a part that Fabrisonic had printed and came up with some interesting results.

To read the full article, click MATRIX.  For more information about Fabrisonic visit, email at or call 614.688.5197.

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