Last week, Fabrisonic welcomed another SonicLayer™ 4000 machine to our production metal 3D printing facility.  Shoehorning a nine-ton machine into place took a bit of skill, but Meyer’s Movers did a great job. We made a video that showcases all the fun HERE.

Fabrisonic’s production machines start out life as a commercial 3 Axis CNC mill. To the base mill, Fabrisonic adds it patented welding head for additive manufacturing. The print head is treated as another tool in the CNC tool changer. The additive head is used to add material to produce a part that is near net shape. The mill can then be used to CNC machine final true shape. The hybrid system allows for a silky smooth final surface finish as well as tolerances of +/-.0005”.The SonicLayer™ 4000 is the goldielocks of the UAM machine line-up, not too big and not too small.   Fabrisonic has three main machine models that we use to meet our customers metal 3D printing needs.

  • SonicLayer™ R200 – This platform was designed for rapid research of UAM bonds.   It has a minimum amount of automation with only two axis of motion powered.  This allows for rapid transitions material to material during experiments and an affordable price for research organizations.
  • SonicLayer™ 4000 – This platform has a build area of approximately 24”x24”x24” and is fully operated by CNC controls.  It is suitable for production of parts and more demanding R&D programs.
  • SonicLayer™ 7200 – This platform has a build area of approximately 60”x60”x36” and is fully operated by CNC control.  It is only suitable for full scale production applications.

Obtaining this new machine will enable us to shorten lead times.  We are very excited to have more capacity to meet growing customer demand.  For SERVICES we offer, click the link.  If you want to learn more about Fabrisonic’s 3D metal printing, check out or shoot us an email at

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