Custom Solutions

Fabrisonic’s biggest successes have come from consultations directly with design engineers. By learning how to strip away the limitations of traditional manufacturing, creativity can flourish! What if:

  • You could design a metal part with any internal geometry you could imagine?Y
  • You could 3D print sensors and electronics directly into a solid metal part?
  • You could print any material at any point inside a design?

3D Printing Metal Matrix Composites – Fabrisonic has developed the ability to integrate high strength metal matrix composites (MMC) using the hybrid advantage of UAM. By integrating fibers with strengths exceeding 200ksi, the resulting structure can be designed with strength-to-weight ratios not possible with metal alone. Although limited on bend radius, parts can be printed with fibers selectively added to high-stress regions to tailor mechanical properties as-needed. This UAM advantage allows components to be both stiff and lightweight: the perfect combination in high-stress, weight-critical environments.







Satellite Radiation Shielding Solutions – Satellites have long used layers of aluminum, titanium, and tantalum to create “graded-Z” radiation shielding. By creating through thickness alterations in metals, scientist have learned that certain variation creates an effective filter for a broad spectrum of radiation protection. By utilizing these basic principles, scientists have developed lightweight solutions for protecting sensitive electronic components. UAM’s dissimilar metal joining abilities enable Fabrisonic to create multifunctional graded-Z solutions for a wide range of applications.