Design World recently published an article that highlights Fabrisonic’s ability to 3D print multiple metals in one part.  The article discusses two applications:

1) Printing heat exchangers that have both aluminum and copper in one part.  These heat exchangers can have complex internal passages that are impossible with traditional machining.

2) The ability to build complex internal passages with high accuracy and surface finish also lends itself well to building wave guides for radio frequency (RF) applications.

The distinguishing feature of Fabrisonic’s Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process is that it is solid state, meaning the metal never melts.  In fact in aluminum’s the peak temperatures are around 200 degrees F.  Thus, using UAM to 3D print metals allows multiple metals to be used without worry about intermetallics common in fusion based joining of dissimilar metals.

6061 Al - 110 Cu - 50X

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