Fabrisonic spent this last week at EuroMold in Frankfurt Germany.  The crowds at EuroMold were great.  So great, in fact, we ran out of literature by day 3 of 4.  As noted in a previous post, we used EuroMold to feature our new capability to print on cylindrical structures using the SonicLayer 4000R.   Numerous customers have inquired about using the process on a round part such as a pipe or a tapered cylinder.  Most of the applications to date are for cladding of an expensive metal onto a less expensive metal.  However, two applications actually rely on building up a 3D dimensional part using polar co-ordinates as opposed to blocky cartesian parts.  These applications have led Fabrisonic to design and build a new fourth axis that rotates underneath the traditional 3-axis motion system.  The first system is in construction right now and due to be operational in December.

At EuroMold we met industry members from all over the world including Germany, France, Switzerland, China, Japan, and Korea.  The entire hall 11 was filled with companies involved in 3D printing.  It was great to see such a large turnout in the relatively small world of 3D printing….





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