Fabrisonic is pleased to see a mold we created using UAM  on the front cover ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, the quarterly supplement to MODERN MACHINE SHOP.  The photo features a small mold for investment casting that was  produced  during Fabrisonic’s formative years.  It is a great example of a tool developed quickly, that went from CAD geometry to a physical mold in record time through the use of UAM.

This month’s ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING story also mentions how Fabrisonic is able to produce complicated conformal cooling passages through UAM.  Our machines actually have the  capability to include conformal cooling passages in large molds.  Since we are building layer by layer, we can intermittently stop and machine in very precise channels in three dimensions.  This allows cooling channels to be located very close to the surface of the mold and conform in shape to the molds surface.  This allows maximum heat extraction to optimize mold cycle times.  With Fabrisonic’s SonicLayer 7200 machine having an envelope of 6 feet x 6 feet we can work on very large molds for composite panels as well.

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