Fabrisonic recently had the pleasure of hosting the crew from Made in America to talk about metal 3D printing. These journalists travel the country and document the dynamic of American manufacturing, from industrial luggage at Pelican to metal 3D printing at Fabrisonic.  All of the diverse manufacturing companies have one thing in common, they all make their products here in the USA.


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During their stay, we talked about many of the factors that make Fabrisonic’s 3D printing process unique:

  • Low Temperature Welding – Ultrasonic welding happens near room temperature with no changes in microstructure or metal temper
  • Hybrid Approach – All Fabrisonic systems have both an additive stage and a subtractive stage meaning all surfaces, internal and external, have CNC quality surface finish and accuracy.
  • Dissimilar Metals – The solid-state nature of UAM allows all Fabrisonic systems to weld dissimilar metals within a single part without adverse metallurgical reactions.
  • Embedding Electronics – The hybrid approach coupled with the low temperature welding allows SonicLayer systems the ability to embed electronics or sensors anywhere in solid metal parts
  • Common Feedstocks – UAM systems utilize commercially available metal foils


Thanks to the crew from Made in America.  It was a great visit!

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One response to “Made in America:  A Different Take on Metal 3D Printing”

  1. Jim Merritt says:

    The information on UAM is exciting to read about. Would be interesting to see some material performance data.

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