You say it’s your birthday?!!! Well it’s our birthday too!!!  It’s officially Fabrisonic’s 6th big day, and we are still in business.  Since half of all business’ fail in the first five years, we are pretty happy.

Over the last six years we have grown from one employee to seven (seven and half if you count interns).  Being a small business affords us the flexibility to change our business model whenever we want.  Fabrisonic started out building and selling machines. However, making production parts and prototypes have become our new “adventure”.

Every day we get in ideas and models from customers that really are crazy and near impossible.  But with our unique process, we routinely deliver ‘impossible’ parts to our customers.  Whether combining dissimilar metals for making new materials, creating truly unique heat exchanges, embedding sensors or electronic, or even combining all three (MIND BLOWN), Fabrisonic has made our own path in the 3D printing world, and we are here to stay.

If you want to learn more about Fabrisonic’s 3D metal printing, check out or shoot us an email at

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