Happy Halloween!!! As some of you may know, the Fabrisonic team has a sweet tooth and quirky sense of humor.  We calmly celebrated by having festive cupcakes and a red velvet cake that had an “accident.”  While we don’t necessarily print sweets, they are layers of cake, icing and sprinkles…so, we are going to roll with it.

What kind of 3D printing do we have expertise in? Why 3D metal printing without melting of course! Fabrisonic likes to showcase three ways that we can print 3D  solutions.  One, combining dissimilar metals while keeping their properties within one solid block of metal.  Click DISSIMILAR for more information.  Two, we can create complex internal geometry such as in heat exchangers. Click GEOMETRY to read more about our hybrid process. Three, we can embed sensors and electronics without damaging sensitive components.  Because we only run to 250°F in most metals, Fabrisonic can embed unique components in solid metal for reasons like health monitoring of a part. Click EMBED for additional content.

If you want to learn more about Fabrisonic’s 3D metal printing, check out www.fabrisonic.com or shoot us an email at info@fabrisonic.com.

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