Using CNC alone to make heat exchangers not working at all?
Create custom heat exchangers with 3D metal printing

Anatomy 3D Fabrisonic Heat Exchangers

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The demand for high energy thermal management devices is growing and with that comes a need for devices that can pull heat out of a small area at higher rates.

The Fabrisonic process does just that, merging layers of metal foil with true metallurgical bonds and full density for such metals as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

NOW you can join dissimilar metals without the formation of brittle intermetallics seen in fusion based processes.

Build aerospace components with burst pressures in excess of 3000PSI, with 4000PSI in similar copper structures.

Fabrisonic’s metal 3D printing technology allowed Oak Ridge National Labs to make an ‘impossible’ geometry in solid metal enabling our cutting edge science.

Patrick Geoghegan, A ORNL senior scientist
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