This month there has been a lot of buzz about the ‘new’ trend in 3D Printing to have hybrid systems.  Hybrids combine additive with subtractive systems to remove post processing.  Leslie Langnau mentioned this trend in her column this week covering AMUG.  She predicts that we will see more of these hybrid systems in the next few years.   Another article showed up this month in Manufacturing Engineering (p67).  The article extols the virtues of combining different technologies on a single system, in particular additive technologies with machining technologies.

Of course Fabrisonic’s SonicLayer line of machines are all based off of commercial CNC platforms.  The SonicLayer 4000 and 7200 both start as three axis CNC mills.  This allow for high precision in the final shape and avoids post processing steps.  Generally parts come out of the machine in their final desired shape.  It is good to get market confirmation that our original approach has value.


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