New Materials Engineered for Your Needs

The solid-state nature of the ultrasonic bonding process used in UAM permits joining of dissimilar metals without the formation of brittle inter-metallics as seen in fusion processes. A wide range of material combinations have been successfully bonded using ultrasonics. Al/Cu, Al/Fe and Al/Ti are routinely joined. Fabrisonic has also worked with exotic combinations such as Ta/Fe, Ag/Au and Ni/Stainless. This capability allows for the creation of unique high performance multi-material parts for a wide array of engineering applications:

dissimilar matrix

Cladding – The layering of an expensive material onto a bulk substrate of a cheaper material.


Functionally Graded Laminates – Metal plates can be designed with through thickness property variation by grading the mixture of metals through thickness.

TIAL TiAL shot