Lance Dumigan, Business Development Manager, Fabrisonic

Meet the newest member of the Fabrisonic team, Lance Dumigan, Business Development Manager.

Lance says his career has taken some unexpected turns that have put him exactly where he was meant to be.

Early Years

At just four years old, he became determined to become a pilot after an airplane ride with his uncle. Later in life, he learned that the best path was to fly for the U.S. military. The U.S. military only accepted pilots with a bachelor’s degree. Based on a short conversation with his cousin, a refrigeration technician student, and his friendship with his physics teacher in high school, he decided to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. Singularly focused on being an airline pilot, an electrical engineering degree would be a solid “plan b” if things did not work out at flight school. 

The Best thing that Never Happened

After college Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS) ~ was the basis for the movie “Officer and a Gentleman.” The attrition rate for AOCS was 30%. The Drill Instructor that led his class was renowned for having the highest attrition rate. Not to be deterred, Lance’s class had an attrition rate of 87%. After completing AOCS, Basic Flight School, Intermediate Flight School, and Advanced Flight School, he was awarded his wings and the designation of Naval Aviator in the United States Navy. Joining his squadron as a new Naval Aviator (“Nugget”), he earned the designations of P3 Orion Third Pilot, Second Pilot, Patrol Plane Commander, and Mission Commander. It looked like he was about to realize his lifelong dream of being an airline pilot. The airline industry was in a downturn, and his plan was derailed when neither of the only two (of eleven) airlines hiring would offer him a position. Lance felt like his life had fallen apart. In hindsight, he says this was the best thing that never happened because it led him to the next, most fulfilling, part of his career.

Risk, Reward, and Formation

From that moment, he had to decide what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Finding a career that was challenging and fun was his goal. With the support of his wife, Lance pursued roles that offered him the greatest opportunities for learning and growth. From sales engineering to direct sales, product marketing, product engineering, channel management, sales management, and sales and marketing management, Lance took on the toughest challenges he could find. Coming from a large family of small business owners, it was in his blood to become an entrepreneur. Lance has started three companies, led strategic initiatives for several businesses, and consulted with many startups and small businesses. 

You Always End Where You Belong

Lance was intrigued and excited when the opportunity came along with Fabrisonic, a startup using a unique and advanced technology. He would be able to use everything he had learned over the years to help this company reach its highest potential. 

“Winning is Team Sport”

Through his years in the industry, he realized that his love for sales is truly about helping people. He thinks that what most people do not realize about sales is that the most challenging negotiations are with your internal team and working with customers is the easiest part.

Lance’s favorite expression comes from a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Simon coined the phrase “winning is a team sport.” To Lance, that encapsulates the integrated team concept critical to sales. Being part of an integrated team, your internal team, the customer’s team, and the supplier’s team is the basis for winning.

Outside of work, Dumigan likes to stay busy. He enjoys cooking, spending time with his family, hiking, and walking his dogs near his home in Western New York. He is a patriot who has tremendous respect for the men and women who have and are, serving in the U.S. military. 

We’re proud to welcome Lance Dumigan to our team.

To reach Lance Dumigan, email or call (585) 770-7112

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