There is a new team in the UAM family.  Dr. James Gilbert, of the Mechanical Engineering department at Purdue University, facilitated the purchase of a SonicLayer R200 UAM machine.  The small scale UAM system was installed in March and is already contributing to student projects.  Dr. Gilbert’s work in ultrasonic additive manufacturing ranges from understanding the underlying physical principles that govern bonding in UAM to developing novel uses for the process. Specifically, he is attempting to develop multi-scale models suitable for closed control of the process that include the macroscopic dynamics of the sonotrode and workpiece to predictions of dynamic recrystallization at the bonding interface.  Mark Norfolk and Cam Benedict made the trip over to install the unit and demonstrate its capabilities. Fabrisonic is looking forward to future work and collaboration with Purdue University and Dr. James Gilbert (far left in the picture below)!

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