For the past several years, Ohio State University researchers have been developing metal matrix composites embedded with shape memory alloys for a variety of purposes. Now OSU’s newly purchased SonicLayerTM 4000 machine will make that task infinitely easier. The Fabrisonic machine has been customized with laser technology to be able to embed shape metal alloy fibers into metal matrix composites created through UAM. Using an internal q-switch marking laser, the SonicLayer machine shoots short pulses of high energy laser light to ablate (solid -> gas) metal off the surface and form the grooves. This unique capability eliminates the long and complicated traditional process of machining grooves with a small end mill for laying the fibers, and opens up a whole range of possibilities for the application of laser technology to UAM manufacturing.

We are excited to be at the forefront of this innovative pairing of technologies. Expect to see more unique applications from Fabrisonic in the near future.

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