Fabrisonic recently came across a cool new 3D printing startup, Voxel8.  At Voxel8 their key development has been a new silver paste that can easily be extruded, and when cured has great conductivity.  By combining the paste with an FDM head they are able to print plastic parts with embedded wiring.   Fabrisonic often works with embedding electronic devices in solid metal parts.  Because our metal 3D printing process happens at low temperature, we can print solid metal around an electronic sensor without damaging the delicate electronics.  However, we are always fiddling with manual inserting wiring into a build.  Someday we hope to integrate a Voxel8 print head into our SonicLayer printers so that we can print wires on the fly inside solid metal.  Good luck to Voxel8, they have a cool take on 3D printing.


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