Fabrisonic LLC

Fabrisonic LLC is an innovative manufacturing technology company. Fabrisonic provides 3D metal printing services in a wide range of metals through the patented ultrasonic additive manufacturing process. As a technology focused small business, Fabrisonic has the technical capability and agility needed for the emerging fast-paced manufacturing world. Fabrisonic’s commitment to quality is evidenced through several quality awards from industrial customers.

Boeing Award

Fabrisonic was formed in 2011 to consolidate the intellectual property of EWI, an Ohio based 501c(3) research organization, and a Michigan based for profit. Fabrisonic controls nine patents covering all aspects of Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing. Fabrisonic’s first machine, the SonicLayer 7200 was built prior to 2011 through an Ohio Third Frontier technology development program. Following the success of its first machine, Fabrisonic developed and built a smaller, research-platform machine, the SonicLayer R200, and a mid-sized production model, the SonicLayer 4000.
***EWI is an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based organization with the mission to advance and apply materials joining technology. Established in 1984 and located in Columbus, Ohio, EWI’s 140+ technical and administrative staff supports over 300 government and industrial organizations, at 3300 sites across the country and abroad. EWI’s efficient operating model provides the effective program management capability and technical knowledge necessary to successfully execute government programs.