Printing the ‘Impossible’

Our 3D metal printing process creates complex components that have unique features and attributes not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques. There are three main characteristics of the UAM process that customers frequently gravitate to which form the basis of many of the applications discussed on this site:

For information on the different kinds of 3D metal printing, click the thumbnail to the left to expand an infographic that will help explain the individual processes.

Ability to weld dissimilar metals.

51266 - 5 1Cu - 110 Cu - 25X

Copper clad to aluminum


Aluminum-Titanium Laminate


SiC fibers embedded in metal laminate

Ability to embed electronics in solid metal.



Sensor embedded in aluminum mold

Ability to make complex internal geometries.


Spar – Rib Demonstration

Complex Geometry

Aluminum aerospace component