Printing the ‘Impossible’

Our 3D metal printing process creates complex components that have unique features and attributes not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques. There are three main characteristics of the UAM process that customers frequently gravitate to which form the basis of many of the applications discussed on this site.

We focus on developing ground breaking solutions for our customers. Our 3D metal printing process creates ’impossible designs’ with unique features and attributes not feasible with traditional manufacturing techniques…or even other additive processes.

Complex Internal Geometry

How to eliminate brazing with 3D printing

Aluminum and copper components with complex internal geometry (cold plates, radiators, and RF waveguides), are often brazed assemblies. These complex assemblies pose many manufacturing issues that typically lead to low first pass yield. UAM can be used to 3D print all grades of aluminum and copper. Coupled with the hybrid nature of the process, designers have the ability to reliably create interwoven passageways within a part printed in a single step.

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Embedding Sensors And Electronics

3D printing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Fabrisonic provides expertise in both the development and fabrication of metal components with sensors embedded exactly where measurements are needed. Need to measure strain three inches inside of an aluminum wing? Want to monitor temperature on the ID of process piping? UAM provides 3D printing of metal near room temperature allowing a multitude of sensors to be printed ANYWHERE in solid metal parts.

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Creating New Metal Combinations

Engineering New Materials through Metal 3D Printing

Multi-metal part production without complicated joining issues is the dream of every metallurgist. Imagine being able to choose metals that have the exact properties you need where you need them. What if you could create components whose properties varied across the length? UAM enables these dreams as any metal can be printed at any location. Fabrisonic has engineered custom materials to provide specific mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. In one such application, we printed a dissimilar metal part with mechanical properties that varied based on a thermal stimuli.

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Custom Solutions

The possibilities go far beyond just a few specialties. Let the brain storming begin!!!

  • 3D Printed Metal Matrix Composites for high temperature and fatigue applications
  • Radiation shielding printed to meet specific threats in aerospace components
  •  Sensors printed directly inside metal hydraulic manifolds for process control

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