How can we be of service?

Fabrisonic focuses on “impossible” metal solutions that solve both common and complex engineering problems. Typical client solutions include:

  • 3D printing dissimilar metals to produce a new material with custom mechanical, electrical, or thermal properties.
  • 3D printing aluminum and copper heat exchangers with novel high efficiency internal features.
  • 3D printing metal components that are enhanced with embedded sensors and electronics.

We can support your business from new material development to full-scale production. Fabrisonic has a suite of in-house SonicLayer 3D printing machines to help customers with the following:

Design for 3D Printing
We find that the true business-changing applications come when traditional manufacturing restraints are removed from the design community. Our friendly engineering staff can review your existing product lines to find how your company could benefit from metal 3D printing. More importantly, our engineers can host collaborative design sessions with your design staff to help them think differently and unlock the power of additive for your industry. If you are just getting started in metal additive, contact us to start the conversation and learn for yourself what UAM can do for you.

Serialized Part Production
Once your potential is unleashed by the capabilities of ultrasonic additive manufacturing, Fabrisonic can provide true part production. Fabrisonic has a collection of in house SonicLayer 3D printers to meet all of your part production needs.

Materials R&D
Fabrisonic frequently works with customers to print new materials to meet specific applications. By combining the properties of multiple metals into a single block, materials can be created with specific properties such as Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), thermal conductivity, and yield strength.

Short-Run Part Production
Need a production part but are not ready to invest in production tooling? Fabrisonic can print short-run metal parts to bridge between concept and full-scale production.

Custom 3D Printing Machines
Although the SonicLayer line of machines has been developed with a great deal of flexibility, not every application is on our standard 3-axis motion systems. Fabrisonic can work with your manufacturing engineers to develop a custom UAM motion system to apply UAM to your production needs.

Useful Materials

SonicLayer Machines

Most available metal 3D printers require a controlled environmental chamber where material deposition is measured in fractions of a cubic inch per hour. With these requirements, parts are restricted to a small envelope with production taking multiple days. Fabrisonic’s line of SonicLayer machines on the other hand can print up to 30 cubic inches per hour without ANY atmosphere requirements. Our open CNC machine enable a next-level additive manufacturing experience all without the danger of metal powders. Check out the suite of machines available at Fabrisonic’s production facility.